"Gambotto's integrity, adamantine wit, and ability to cut through the most elaborate psychological defence systems establishes her as one of the finest writers this country has ever produced."
- Colleen McCullough, author of The Thorn Birds

"Antonella Gambotto is one of the most exciting writers and interviewers it has ever been my luck to read. Gambotto anticipates her shamelessly honest approach to the art of the interview in the introduction to her new book."
- Tegan Bennett, The Australian

"Antonella Gambotto’s curiosity is avid and she has a big heart ... AG’s assets are good research, a life rich in horror and complexity, and, at her best, the flair for taking a corner that distinguishes a Chopin nocturne."
- Australian Country Style

"Gambotto’s command of language is delicious to the point where one wonders which came first, her wish to display her ability or the desire to share her impressions."
- The Newcastle Herald


Antonella Gambotto is a journalist and novelist. She has written extensively for numerous international publications, covering subjects such as cardiothoracic surgery, gender identity, alternative medicine, and child psychology.

Her celebrated interview subjects include Martin Amis, Tori Amos, Deepak Chopra, Paulo Coelho, Edward de Bono, Gerard Depardieu, Ben Elton, Jerry Hall, Charlton Heston, HRH Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, Erica Jong, Elle Macpherson, and Naomi Wolf. She has also published two anthologies of essays and interviews - Lunch of Blood (Random House Australia) and An Instinct for the Kill (HarperCollins Australia).

Her controversial first novel, The Pure Weight of the Heart (Phoenix House), was published in Germany as Das Gewicht des Herzens (DTV).

She addressed the Sydney University Union Annual Dinner on the topic of suicide, and spoke at the Mensa Chairman's Annual Dinner as Guest of Honour about the service of beauty.

Her work is taught at major Australian universities.

Antonella has significant television experience, a fascination with meaning, enjoys night diving, and is currently involved in changing legislation.

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