Margaret Dent received guidance from the spirit world at a very early age. For more than 30 years, Margaret has followed, resisted, challenged and been challenged by the guidance she has received.

She has devoted her life to compassionate service to the community of souls interested in spiritual growth.

As a result of her unique talents and personality Margaret has become a well-known and respected psychic. She writes books, demonstrates at clubs, works in talk-back radio shows, gives readings and closest to heart, she teaches.

She does all this in the USA as well as in her native Australia.

Many seek answers to questions concerning the soul and the meaning of life and death. Is there life after death? What exactly is death? How do we know? Margaret's beautiful book, Love Never Dies, gives deep insight into many of these questions.

Psychic ability, premonitions, telepathy, spirit guides, near death experiences - this book covers almost every issue including the death of children and suicides.

For anyone who ever questioned any of these areas, delve into her book for surprising explanations and answers.

At the turning of the millennium, Margaret received guidance that her path was to change yet again. She was to lead the establishment of a new centre of learning.

As she will tell you with a twinkle in her eye, her initial response was acknowledged, but she was told yet again that she would set up a new centre of learning to support the spiritual growth

Margaret's guidance led her to establish A Sense of Soul. It is her hope that it will help others to deeper understanding of the universal love that sustains life and never dies.

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