More than twenty-five years ago, long before "holistic" became part of the mainstream vocabulary, Rudolph Ballentine was already pioneering an integrated approach to natural healing. In the late 1970's, he was present at a meeting in Chicago of Julius Richmond, M.D., then Surgeon General, and Bob Mendelsohn, M.D., well known author of Confessions of a Medical Heretic, one of the earliest and most pointed critiques of the medical establishment.

When the Surgeon General finally acceded to Bob Mendelsohn's adept condemnation of mainstream medicine, he asked, "So Bob, what do you propose to replace it with?" Dr. Mendelsohn, despite his expertise in exposing the shortcomings of conventional approaches, had not studied or developed alternative skills. But he knew that Dr. Ballentine had done so and already had a well-known practice of integrated holistic medicine in suburban Chicago. So Mendelsohn pointed at him. "That's the sort of thing that Dr. Ballentine does," he answered, leaving Dr. Ballentine to describe his practice (and get Mendelsohn off the hook).

Dr. Ballentine's knowledge and skills cover an unusual breadth of disciplines and traditions. His credits include the following:

- Professor of psychiatry at Louisiana State University in New Orleans;

- One of the first M.D.'s in America to study Ayurveda in India;

- Author of Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach, listed as one of the 25 most important books in natural healing; and

- Recipient of a citation for excellence in the training of homeopathic physicians by the American Institute of Homeopathy.

Combining his knowledge of modern science with his studies of various healing traditions, Dr. Ballentine's vision of holistic medicine has been presented in a variety of media, including other acclaimed books - most recently Radical Healing, hailed as "a masterpiece" (Carolyn Myss) and "an instant classic" (Deepak Chopra).

Internationally recognized as an expert in the integration of the various schools of holistic medicine, Dr. Ballentine's unique contribution is in making holistic philosophies practical by focusing on the common sense principles that unite them without losing sight of the spiritual foundations which underlie them.

Dr. Ballentine served as president of the Himalayan Institute for 12 years and the Director of its Combined Therapy Department for 18 years. During 17 of those years, he directed a year-long residential training program in holistic medicine for physicians. Dr. Ballentine's years at the Himalayan Institute provided him a supportive environment where he was able to develop and try out valuable insights and approaches and, with the Himalayan Institute's branches across the US and around the world, his time there served as a platform from which he was able to share those approaches and receive important feedback.

For example, just before the prestigious Marylebone Holistic Clinic opened in London with the patronage of Prince Charles, Dr. Ballentine was invited to do a week-long intensive training program for its staff. As a follow-up, two of the clinic's four physicians were sent to the US to do preceptorships with Dr. Ballentine. Dr. Ballentine's work, done quietly and unobtrusively throughout the late 1970's and early 1980's under the guidance of his teacher, Swami Rama, was a significant force in establishing a first wave of holistic medicine that combined the best of Eastern wisdom and modern science.

As practicing physician, author and educator, Dr. Ballentine has been instrumental in developing models of holistic medical care which have been adopted around the world.

Dr. Ballentine established holistic medical clinics in Chicago, New York, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and Honesdale, PA, and has acted as a consultant and advisor to many other centers. He was one of 36 leaders in holistic medicine nominated for the initial Advisory Council of the Office of Alternative Medicine. He has taught seminars on integrated holistic medicine in Israel, Germany, South America and throughout the US.

Dr. Ballentine is the Chief Medical Advisor of The Olive Leaf Wholeness Center in New York City. In addition, Dr. Ballentine currently conducts Radical Healing Circles, consults in the visioning of new training programs, and teaches Tantric yoga and sexual healing workshops. He also co-leads a seminar called Radical Healing and the Alchemical Body - a colloquium that is designed to develop the common language, the integrating concepts and the inner capacities for transformational healing.
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