the earthwatch institute volunteer program

The volunteer program continues to be the most widely recognized area of Earthwatch Institute’s activities.

Joining an Earthwatch Project often has a powerful impact on the individual involved as well as representing an important contribution of time and money to the research project.

Just over 4,000 Earthwatch volunteers joined 720 research teams in 2001, when Earthwatch teams attracted men and women of all ages – over the minimum age of 16 – hailing from 46 countries, and representing diverse educational, professional and cultural backgrounds.

One third of Earthwatch volunteers each year are returning volunteers, and several have worked on well over a dozen different Earthwatch projects.

No special skills are required (except scuba certification for diving projects).

Many volunteers do, however, bring talents such as photography, carpentry, cooking, or even surveying or GPS. Whatever your special skills might be, there is certainly an Earthwatch project that would benefit from your participation.

Earthwatch team members share the costs of research expeditions and cover food and lodging expenses with a pro-rated contribution identified as Share of Costs on the project pages.

Expedition costs range significantly with an average of $1,600 or the equivalent in other currencies, for a 1-3 week team duration.

Please inquire for possible tax advantages from your Earthwatch office.

Some subsidies and fellowships also exist through Fellowship, Corporate, and Education sponsors.

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