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the good, the bad, and the passionate was started in 2003 as an online sanctuary for those who, however temporarily, felt lost or shaken or broken and in need of light. Designer John Pfeil generously offered his services, senior forensic grief counselor John Merrick offered his congratulations, and some of the greatest hearts in the world contributed their wisdom.

Since then, has morphed into an educational resource used by people of all ages and spiritual beliefs from all walks of life the world over as well as still serving its original purpose - that is, as a tranquil oasis of wisdom in an otherwise manic cyberworld.

Nonprofit was our intention, and nonprofit we have remained. Every month we receive business offers from companies seeking to combine forces in the name of money, and every month we refuse them.

We have been joined in our efforts by Alex, Sarah, and various others who share our mission, and are now averaging over 200,000 hits a month.

It seems an oasis was exactly what the web needed.

Believing that there is no evil, only the absence of good, we work hard to increase emotional literacy in order to enable good to flourish.

And we thank you for visiting.

- from all of us at

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