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back on the chain gang

I found a picture of you ...
Hijacked my world at night.
To a place in the past
We've been cast out of -
Now we're back in the fight.

We're back on the train, yeah,
Back on the chain gang.

Circumstance beyond our control,
The phone, the TV, and the News of the World -
Got in my house like a pigeon from hell,
Threw sand in our eyes, descending like flies.

Put us back on the train, yeah,
Back on the chain gang.

The powers that be,
Force us to live like we do.
Bring me to my knees,
When I see what they've done to you.

When I die as I stand here today,
Knowing that deep in my heart,
They'll fall to ruin one day,
For making us part.

I found a picture of you.
Those were the happiest days of my life.
Like a break in the battle was your part -
Oh, in the wretched life of a lonely heart.

Now we're back on the train,
Oh, back on the chain gang.

Copyright 2002 Chrissie Hynde

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