the violin-playing leadfoot

John Pfeil is a web designer and developer and available for projects that intrigue him.

"Creating something different interests me. I build sites with PHP/MYSQL, Photoshop, Flash, javascript - whatever it takes to create and sustain the concept.

"Cars are probably my primary interest. Apart a brief experience with a Saab 900 turbo, I haven't seemed to have gotten around to settling into a long term relationship. Maybe that will change this year.

"Music is also an indulgence, and one of my loves. I'm a musical omnivore and love everything from Tupac to Mozart as well as playing the piano and violin.

"Working on This Is A has been a blast. I am selective about the work I will take on. If quality of work, look and feel are important for your special project, you can contact me here.

"As for photo editing: this is an area I particularly enjoy, and have been thinking about pursuing this through for the members. If you are interested in having work carried out don't hesitate to contact me for examples of past artwork."


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