for extreme shock (emotional or physical)

(No matter how much later it is taken.)

Name of remedy: Arnica 10M

Available from: Good homeopathic dispensaries

Instructions: Take five drops under the tongue once a day and hold as long as possible. Continue for two weeks and then whenever necessary.

* Homeopathic remedies are not to be taken within half an hour of smoking, drinking alcohol, or eating anything minty.

N.B. See the TRAUMA section for detailed information on homeopathic treatment of the traumatized and also the HEALTH section for related information.

for sleep

Name: Valerian

Instructions: Follow those on jar or bottle.

Name: Homeopathic Melatonin

Instructions: Take five a night. Non habit-forming.

Or, for women (particularly older women, but not pregnant women):

Name: Oresten

All are available from: Good health food shops. Valerian should be available in the vitamin section of your local supermarket.

bach flower remedies

Select from the following remedy picture (a mixture of different ones is useful):

- AGRIMONY (anxiety);

- CHERRY PLUM (for those who fear their minds are giving way, for suicidal urges);

- CRAB APPLE (self-disgust);

- ELM ("I must keep going at all costs!" - this would be good for all those who are supporting the bereaved, particularly tired husbands who don't want to add to their wives' stress)

;- GORSE (despondency, despair);

- HOLLY (hate, envy);

- MUSTARD (black depression);

- OLIVE (complete mental and physical exhaustion);

- PINE (for guilt manifesting in headaches, tiredness, suicidal thoughts, feelings of worthlessness);

- RESCUE REMEDY (terrific all-purpose remedy for purse);

- ROCK ROSE (for terror, particularly useful for those who found the dead or identified them, etc.);

- STAR OF BETHLEHEM (for shock);

- SWEET CHESTNUT (anguish);

- WALNUT (for breaking links with past patterns);

- WHITE CHESTNUT (mental torment, confusion, thoughts one can't shake);

- WILD ROSE (apathy, indifference);

- WILLOW (resentment, bitterness - "Why me?");

Instructions: Take four drops under the tongue and hold there as often as needed.

Available from: Good health food shops.

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