This diet was designed by a naturopath to supplement to your normal food intake, and is excellent for building stamina and strength.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are not allowed when you are undergoing chemotherapy and so this easily digestible, super energy-boosting diet is ideal.

Please try to include everything on the list and pass this link on to all other sick people you know.

Every ingredient is available at good health-food outlets.

- BARLEY GRAIN This is the most important addition to your diet as it contains just about every vitamin and mineral known to man;

- MILLET A superb source of energy;

- PROTEIN POWDER This comes in various flavours, including vanilla and chocolate;

- FAREX Yes, the baby food - your digestive system will be very grateful;

- MILK Only if you can stomach it, otherwise buy rice or soya milk; and

- ALL GREEN FRUITS + VEGETABLES They promote healing.

The key is to eat a little bit every hour or two to keep your strength up - this is very important!

Buy any book by renowned naturopath Michael van Straten for superb information on the healing properties of food and simple, excellent recipes.

Sandra Cabot's Raw Juices is also a great investment, as is Brandon Bay's The Journey and selected works by Deepak Chopra.

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