By Jim Warda

You're going to change the world today. Now, don't try to deny it. And you know, I understand that it can be a little overwhelming, to have the entire world depending on you. But I know that you can do it.

Actually, I knew you could do it when I first met you. When I first saw the hunger in your fingertips and the fire in your eyes.

When you spoke in just that way, with just those words, in just that rhythm that said, "I'm going to change the world. Gonna make it a little better, a little sweeter, a bit more true."

And I remember the way you said that nothing on this or any other planet was going to stop you. Then you turned and walked away, confident and clear.

And I remember thinking to myself that you were amazing, that I'd never met anyone quite like you, and I was sure that, if you put your mind and hands to it, there was nothing that could break you.

So there you sit, knowing that today's the day. Because I see the way you're shifting nervously in your chair, the way your body crackles and zaps, the way your grin says that you've decided that there is no time like now to move.

You're going to change the world today. I'm just glad I was here to see it.

Copyright 2006 Jim Warda


Jim Warda is the author of Where Are We Going So Fast?: Finding the Sacred in Everyday Moments. Subscribe to his column at www.wherearewegoingsofast.com

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