For I would rather that I rise into a cloud than to be a star only to encounter the sky.

For love is a rhythm that can always be counted.

One can count the drops of water that can rise up and fall upon its shores.

Encompass only what is felt in your heart.

Perceive not to fulfill thyself, perceive enchantment, enchantment of his song.

His song, a song as vast as the sea, remembering in your dreams, dreams that keep yourself with love.

For it is not the beauty of your being that has attracted me to you.

It is the depth of your soul.

It is the depth of your eyes, your spirit and your smile.

It is where you placed your kiss upon me when we first met.

I close my eyes and I cherish that moment, a moment in time and I shall whisper the words he so dearly wished to hear.

For when I closed my eyes I saw the universe and when I opened them I saw love.

I saw love being free.

Copyright 2006 Carolyn Carty

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