- Where is that man going?

- Why is that lady fat?

- Why do people ride in blue cars?

- Well, why is that man riding in a blue car?

- Do daddies have hair when they're babies?

- Do seahorses have noses?

- Do bad guys know they're bad guys?

- Did their mothers tell them they're bad guys?

- When a cow says "moo", did he think he really said "hi"?

- What if a giant ate up all our dinner and we didn't get any?

- When will I be older than you?

- Why is there pizza?

- Why can't a girl have a penis, too?

- Why do bees want to bite children?

- What is eight plus five plus eighteen plus twenty-two plus three?

- Why do bees want children to eat honey?

- If bees like honey, would they like syrup, too?

- Do bees' mommies ever made them pancakes?

- How does Santa Claus know where new babies live?

- Why is my left knee saltier than my right one?

- What time is zero-thirty?

- What if we could eat rocks for supper?

- Would rocks taste good then?

- Can a butterfly be a bird sometimes?

- Can you put houses on pizza?

- Are we real or is somebody dreaming of us?

- Can cars ride on pizza roads?

- If cats wore clothes, would our cat wear a dress or pants?

- Do cats wish they could bark like dogs?

- Do dogs want to drive cars by themselves?

- Can I ever fly?

- Why do we have to sleep?

- What if my name was Camilla Terrible?

- Would that mean I would act terrible?

- If I went in the forest, would I have to eat porridge?

- Would you still know me if I didn't have the same name I have?

- Where is that boy going?

- I think that boy looks like his name is Dragon. What do you think his name is?

- Does God have a belly button?

- I wrote these letters. What do they say? R-T-N-Z.

- Well, don't letters make words?

- What is Tuesday?

- Can I ride in the washing machine when it spins around?

- How many Band-Aids is too many for one cut?

- What does the newspaper say?

- Why was I crying when I was born?

- Do they put children in jail if they make a mistake and bite somebody?

- Do dogs go to jail if they bite somebody?

- What will you do when Daddy and I get married?

- Where was I before I lived with you?

- When I was a baby living in your tummy, did you think about naming me Larissa?

- Didn't you think I would be a nice baby if I was named Larissa?

- Why do people crash cars?

- Why do police carry sticks?

- Did you know my name when I was born?

- Do sharks ever come out of the water?

- Why is Barney purple?

- What is bread for?

- Why is my pillow soft?

- Do dogs know my name?

- Do cars drink gas or eat it?

- Why can't I wear Daddy's shoes to school?

- What time is forever?

- If I was an ant, how long would it take me to walk around my bed?

- What is the opposite of ice-cream?

- Why does the computer turn on slow?

- Do chocolate chip cookies know they look like pieces of poop?

- Do squirrels like horses?

- How many birds are there in the world?

- Do fishes go swimming with lobsters?

- How many toes do all the monkeys in the world have?

- Are the stars the same hot in the nighttime as the daytime?

- Why do daddies drink coffee?

- Do bugs say hello to each other?

- Does Santa Claus make Barbie dolls?

- If I ask Santa Claus to bring Mrs. Claus with him, do you think he would say okay?

- Why don't swings ever go over the top?

- When you're the baby and i'm the mommy of you, will you still fix the dinner?

- Would you be mad if somebody wrote on the couch with Magic Marker?

- Does Santa Claus know the Tooth Fairy?

- What name does he call her - Tooth or Mrs. Fairy?

- Does the Tooth Fairy give the teeth to new babies?

- How does Santa Claus get in the house if you don't have a chimney?

- Do people give him a key to all the houses?

- What is that rabbit's last name?

- If animals don't have last names, then what about Bob Cat?

- If Santa Claus can't find the keys to the sleigh, do kids get any presents?

- How many times will you sneeze in your life?

- How many times will Daddy sneeze?

- Did your grandma tell you how many times she sneezed?

- What's the name of this dust?

- Well, why doesn't dust have a name?

- What does "sex" mean?

- Does Minnie Mouse play minigolf?

- Why does Daddy say "shit" when the light turns yellow?

- Were dolls ever real children?

- When I grow up and get babies, can they sleep with us in your bed?

- from Preschool Confidential, by the very wonderful Sandi Kahn Shelton.

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